National Postdoc Survey

The (USA) National Postdoc Survey – A survey conceived and developed by postdocs, to benefit all members of the US  postdoctoral community.


The academic community contains women and men, from a wide variety of backgrounds, who take on the roles of undergraduate students, graduate students, research technicians, professors (both tenure track and adjunct), and postdoctoral researchers.  I believe that we are more productive as a community when we all have the basic amounts of support and opportunity necessary to be thoughtful learners, innovative thinkers and careful researchers.

As a community, we have gotten increasingly better at collecting data for driving policy changes and improving the support and opportunity of members of academia. However, there has been a dearth of data on postdoctoral researchers, relative to that concerning the wellbeing of undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty. To assist in rectifying this problem, I have worked with colleagues at the University of Chicago to design and implement the National Postdoc Survey, a short yet comprehensive survey to shed light on life as a postdoc in the USA.

Please check out our website:

Thanks to the over 7,600 postdocs and 300+ institutions who have already participated!!

It has been an incredible experience being part of this grass roots effort to gather postdoctoral data. Please stay tuned for reports and manuscripts addressing a wide range of topics concerning the postdoctoral experience, ranging from the relationship between mentoring, publication rate, and job preparedness, to the role of gender in job selection, to the importance of parental leave.




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