Calling those interested in behavioral genetics, behavioral development, phenotypic plasticity, and sensory ecology!

I will be accepting MS and PhD students interested in behavioral genomics, sensory ecology, the mechanisms underlying behavioral development, or tunicate genomics for fall 2019. Interested prospective students should check out the links to UARK Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Biology Graduate Program Guidelines below, and contact me at ewesterm@uark.edu.

A small sampling of our Northwestern Arkansas Lepidoptera community

Stay tuned for updates and research opportunities in beautiful Fayetteville, AR.



University of Arkansas Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

University of Arkansas Biology Graduate Program Guidelines


I believe that scientific inquiry and advancement is enhanced by diversity. For those interested in joining my lab who are not native english speakers, here is a link to the language requirements for the University of Arkansas 

Interested MSc and PhD students- I also suggest reading “Some Modest Advice for Graduate Students” by Dr. Stephen Stearns


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